Melbourne E-commerce Marketing Masterclass

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Our inaugural Growth Gurus Masterclass

We took our expertise on the road for the first time, teaming up with our own tech partner, Yotpo, to share lessons in branded SMS success.

About our Masterclass

Our SMS Masterclass walked attendees through the most effective strategies for business growth, using text messaging as a pillar for success. We shared the critical steps to achieve this success and lessons from our own experiences with SMS.

Our theory of success hinges on our three pillars of growth formula:

Acquisition x Conversion x Retention

In the space of just a few hours, class members were equipt with an expert-level understanding of SMS as a powerful medium for growth and were empowered to transform their customized strategies into uncompromising results for their business.

We put the lessons covered in the class into practice with a case study of a business that used our methods for SMS engagement and retention. Using ZALA as our example, we explored how Growth Gurus implemented each of the steps we covered in the class to overcome stagnation and achieve $114 million in additional revenue of the practical outcomes.

Our Speakers:

John Price

General Manager

Growth Gurus

Billy Done

Senior Account Executive


Matt Coleborne


Growth Gurus

Masterclass Highlights

See highlights from our recent Masterclass in Melbourne, attended by DTC brands such as 2XU, B2C Furniture, Gameology and my BrainCo.

Joined by industry leaders

We met with representatives from leading e-commerce merchants looking to Growth Gurus to supercharge their retention strategy with SMS.

Each participant got the opportunity to tailor the lesson to their individual growth goals with helpful take-home checklists, roadmaps, and other handouts, as well as group workshopping time with our Gurus. Members also met with industry peers over lunch to network, get 1-on-1 time with a Guru, and ask any outstanding questions.

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