Best Design Agency in APAC and Finalists for Excellence at the 2023 Yotpo Partner Awards. A testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering captivating customer experiences, fueling growth, and inspiring loyalty, we extend our gratitude to our clients for their collaborative spirit, trust, and drive to achieving this exceptional milestone.

We are proud recipients of Yotpo's exclusive Best Design Agency APAC Award 2023

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About Yotpo Partner Awards 2023

This annual event honors the best of the best in eCommerce: the agencies and tech solutions whose exceptional contributions have made a significant impact on the ecosystem.

The awards showcase top Yotpo Partners who have demonstrated innovative thinking, executed creative strategies, and implemented game-changing integrations. The exceptional winners have created captivating eCommerce experiences that have driven exceptional growth and retention for leading D2C brands. Get ready to be inspired by their outstanding work!

Growth Gurus is the full-service growth marketing agency for e-commerce business that are smaller than they want to be.
Growth Gurus is the full-service growth marketing agency for e-commerce business that are smaller than they want to be.

Our submission

Client: Kas Australia
Project: Loyalty Program

Home furnishing brand KAS Australia had a problem: they didn’t have a high-quality loyalty program to keep their current customers engaged, nor did they have the tools to create powerful and effective communication. They reached out to Growth Gurus to help them build a program that would give their customers incentives to keep coming back.

Growth Gurus recommended Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals because it has the most robust loyalty program capabilities for eCommerce stores. They used the solution to build Style Society, a dynamic and robust tiered loyalty program that offered discounts and rewards. Additionally, the agency implemented Yotpo Reviews to build trust and credibility with potential buyers and enhance the overall customer experience; and Yotpo SMSBump to send targeted and personalized campaigns and automations to the brand’s customers, keeping them engaged and informed throughout their buyer journey — including keeping loyalty members updated about their points and tier status.

Yotpo’s product synergies between Loyalty & Referrals, Reviews, and SMSBump have played a crucial role in helping KAS Australia improve customer retention and create a seamless and tailored customer journey and post-purchase experience. For example, by leveraging shared data points between Yotpo Loyalty and SMSBump, the brand can boost the effectiveness of abandoned cart flows by informing customers that they can redeem their points on an item left in their cart.

Yotpo’s platform has helped KAS Australia create a more seamless and satisfying customer experience, resulting in increased customer loyalty and higher customer lifetime value. 60% of loyalty members now repurchase from the brand, and the brand’s VIP tier flow has seen 167x ROI and 17% CTR. And since implementing Yotpo, the brand has added $137 more revenue per customer, and AOV is up by 5.45%.

Step one:

Research & strategy

At Growth Gurus, success begins with thorough research and clear strategy. We delve into your business data, meticulously reviewing your Klaviyo and Shopify setups to understand your campaigns, customer segments, and best-performing offerings. We believe in learning from the past to strategize for the future.

Our analysts also scrutinize your popups platforms, identifying optimal triggers and rules to enhance customer engagement. We know that every interaction matters and strive to make each one count.

Turning insights into action, we employ a range of tools and best practices, including A/B testing and smart send timing, to design targeted and effective campaigns. Our strategic planning has not only earned us the 'Best Design Agency' from Yotpo Partner Awards but also consistently fuels our clients' customer value.

In essence, our research and strategy aren't just processes, they are the guiding forces that turn small dreams into significant realities.

Illustration of the Growth Guru team
The Growth Gurus global team culture

Step two:

Innovative design process

Grounded in our comprehensive research, our creative team embarks on the task of conceptualizing the initial designs.

Our focus remains not only on creating a visually stunning experience but also on designing a program that's intuitive and user-friendly. By marrying aesthetics with practicality, we ensure our loyalty programs are as engaging as they are functional.

Step three:

Yotpo setup: driving loyalty and growth

As the esteemed winners of the 2023 Yotpo Partner Awards in APAC, Growth Gurus specializes in setting up Yotpo systems to deliver captivating customer experiences.

We drive growth and loyalty for your brand, crafting meaningful customer relationships that extend beyond transactions. Through innovative loyalty program development, we design, set live, and continuously optimize your program.

Thanks to our clients for growing with us as we push the boundaries of what's possible in the marketing space.

Illustration of the Growth Guru team
The Growth Gurus global team culture

Step four:

Optimizing our tech stack with Klaviyo integration

To truly make the most of our technological resources, we integrate Klaviyo into our processes. We harness its capabilities to develop a tailored, automated email campaign that seamlessly complements our client's loyalty program.

The process initiates with an introduction to the loyalty program, followed by a strategic email flow that keeps customers engaged — reminding them of their point balance, celebrating their point accruals, and demonstrating the exclusive rewards they can access.

This comprehensive utilization of Klaviyo helps sustain customer engagement, promote loyalty program participation, and consequently, drive business growth.

Here's it is

The end result!

KAS Design Template Mobile
The Style Society Design Template Table Size
Klaviyo design template multiple screens
KAS design template with mobile close up
Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates

We are excited to continue leveraging our methodology for future projects, driving growth for more businesses, and creating more award-winningresults.

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