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Empower your customer retention strategy with Growth Gurus and Yotpo

Unlock the full potential of customer loyalty marketing with Yotpo's advanced Loyalty Solution, refined by the strategic insights of Growth Gurus. Start nurturing lasting relationships and driving sustainable growth for your business today.

Welcome to our collaboration - a unique partnership between Growth Gurus and Yotpo.

Here, we bring you an in-depth look at the benefits of the Yotpo Loyalty solution, straight from the experts themselves.

This is an opportunity to harness the power of loyalty programs and significantly boost customer engagement and revenue. Let's unlock the power of loyalty together with Growth Gurus and Yotpo.

This initiative aims to maximize customer lifetime value by rewarding your most loyal customers, incentivizing repeat purchases, and providing your business with the tools you need to successfully deploy and manage your loyalty programs.
Use diverse rewards and benefits including advanced segmentation and tiered programs based on points, spend, purchases, or referrals to have your program stand out.
The integration of Yotpo with Klaviyo allows your brand to combine your loyalty program data with your email marketing efforts, leading to higher engagement, better customer retention, and increased sales.
As the Best Design Agency in APAC, as awarded by Yotpo, Growth Gurus can bring your loyalty program to life through the creation of custom landing pages, pop-ups, and email design elements (and we’re an Elite partner with Klaviyo).
We encourage interested brands to book a meeting with us for a personalized walk-through of the Yotpo Loyalty program and to understand how it can be tailored to their specific needs.

Total Loyalty Uplift


Total Referrals Uplift


Explore your growth potential with our ROI Calculator

Navigate your business decisions with precision. Our ROI Calculator provides a snapshot of the potential growth your brand can achieve with a loyalty program. Input your metrics, and let our tool do the rest. It's a quick, insightful way to see the potential financial benefits, like increased customer retention and revenue growth, with the Yotpo Loyalty solution.

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Welcome to the Loyalty Audit Framework by Growth Gurus

If your loyalty program is flagging or stagnating, it's time to dive deep, reassess, and breathe new life into it. And we're here to help you do just that.

Our CEO, Matt Coleborne, guides you through the critical areas in our comprehensive framework in this short video.

Our framework addresses six key components:

Program Strategy and Design

We ensure your goals are SMART, your program structure resonates with your customers, and your rewards catalog is diverse and sustainable.

Program Operations

We assess everything from the enrollment process to points accumulation, communication, and customer service responsiveness.

Program Technology

We evaluate functionality, security, compliance, and integration.

Program Performance & Metrics

We dive deep into participation and engagement rates, redemption, incremental sales, customer retention, and satisfaction.

Competitive Analysis

We conduct benchmarking, trend analysis, and check your program's innovation potential.

Continuous Improvement

We check feedback mechanisms, pilot testing, monitoring, and reporting procedures.

Intrigued to see how your loyalty program fares in our audit? Don't just wonder, find out!

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Unleash the
power of loyalty!

Discover how our tailored loyalty programs are driving impressive returns and transforming customer experiences across a myriad of sectors. From supplements to homewares, from stationary to gifts, our expertise has enabled brands just like yours to take customer engagement to the next level. Don't just take our word for it, dive into these success stories!
YOTPO loyalty

Breakthrough Results

Our hands-on approach and strategic utilization of the Yotpo platform has seen us deliver outstanding results. We’re talking about a staggering 3x to 13x ROI, referral conversion rates of 2% or more, and loyalty participation rates over 4%. But that's not all. Our clients are experiencing an average 2.7x revenue per customer, signaling the significant potential that our loyalty programs hold for your bottom line.
2.4 x revenue per customer

Vitamins & Supplements

In the hyper-competitive supplements industry, we've been instrumental in delivering an extraordinary 13x ROI. Our strategy has driven a substantial 10.1% loyalty participation rate and a 2.4x increase in revenue per customer.
10 x ROI

Homeware Industry

For our homeware clients, the loyalty programs we’ve implemented have delivered a robust 10x ROI. Our strategy has increased loyalty participation rates to 3.8%, translating into a 2.1x boost in revenue per customer.
13.3% Participation

Stationary & Gifts

Our work in the stationary and gifts sector has resulted in a solid 3x ROI. The loyalty programs we've managed have achieved an impressive 13.3% participation rate, significantly higher than the industry average. This strategy has effectively led to a 3.5x rise in revenue per customer.

Yotpo powers the world's fastest growing brands


From conception to launch, here's how we masterfully craft a loyalty program:

Why do brands benefit from loyalty programs?

Loyalty programs can be a gamechanger, fostering brand allegiance among 69% of shoppers, as revealed in Yotpo's 2022 survey.

Why such a success? The answer lies in personalization. These programs harness customer data to offer customized experiences that resonate with each shopper, making them feel valued and thereby, bolstering repeat purchases.

The impact of loyalty programs in numbers speaks for itself:

  • Loyalty programs amplify brand fidelity among 69% of global consumers.
  • A staggering 84% of consumers agree that loyalty programs sway their repeat purchase decisions.
  • Showcasing their loyalty, 80% of respondents are likely to stick with the same brand, 47% would endorse the brand to others, and 42% would remain loyal despite lower-priced competitors.
  • To reap the rewards of loyalty programs, most global customers are willing to share personal details like email (82%), name (75%), birthday (70%), and product preferences (56%).
We see e-commerce merchants with the same problem all the time

Embrace the transformative power of a well-orchestrated loyalty program with Yotpo and Growth Gurus, and watch your customer loyalty ascend to unprecedented heights.

Image of Growth Gurus employees working together from all over the world

Excellence recognized. Success delivered.

We're proud to be the Best Design Agency award winner, globally acknowledged for creating innovative, user-centric eCommerce experiences that elevate brands.

As finalists for the Excellence Award, our dedication to pushing the boundaries of Yotpo’s platform shines through. We're all about crafting engaging loyalty programs and conversion-boosting assets for an enriched customer journey.

Join us, and let's create award-winning experiences together.

Meet Growth Gurus, your ultimate partner in driving growth

We're lifecycle marketing specialists, committed to improving conversion and empowering your brand. Our passion? Crafting innovative strategies that turn prospects into loyal customers, fueling your business's growth.

Powering Success with Yotpo

Our long-standing partnership with Yotpo, a leader in eCommerce marketing, enhances our mission. This collaboration equips us with powerful, cutting-edge technology, enabling us to design and manage stellar loyalty programs.

Why Choose Growth Gurus?

Our partnership with Yotpo brings the best of both worlds - our expertise in customer value optimization and Yotpo's top-tier technology. We've joined forces not just to create loyalty programs, but to build relationships, foster loyalty, and accelerate your brand's growth. Get ready to experience the Growth Gurus difference, where innovation, expertise, and technology unite to propel your business forward.

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