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SMS Marketing Services For
E-Commerce Businesses.

And only 11% of businesses are getting the message.

SMS is the marketing platform that consumers are crying out for.

In a world that is rapidly preferencing mobile over desktop, we know that SMS is paving the way when it comes to the future of digital marketing. Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal, and SMS is the booster it needs to become even stronger.


3.5 billion people communicate using SMS

That’s approximately 50% of the global population looking to SMS to receive messages


Only 11% of businesses use SMS in their marketing strategy.


90% of all texts are opened in the first 3 minutes


We check our phones 60+ times per day

Our Gurus are leaders inSMS

The Growth Gurus are experts in turning strategy into action.

In your SMS discovery call, we will get to know your brand, and find out where SMS fits into your business goals. Whether you’re looking to expand on your current strategy or looking to deeply strengthen your approach, we can deliver:

SMS Marketing Flow Chart

Deep-dives into SMS flows that work for you

Using tools like Klaviyo and Yotpo, we seamlessly integrate SMS into your current email flows, to maximize the benefits of both. We have nailed the art of email marketing, and know what flows will work, and why.

We examine your business goals carefully and prescribe the flows that we know will bring home your goals.

The most popular flows that we review for SMS optimization include:

  • Abandoned cart

  • Post purchase (reviews and referrals)

  • Back in stock

Illustration of the Growth Guru team
The Growth Gurus global team culture

Tailored SMS campaigns managed end-to-end

SMS is changing the game and we have the tools to harness it.

We take control of the instantaneous nature of text to create urgency, encourage interaction and profoundly personalize.

Plus, with 54% of consumers reporting that they want to receive promotions via text message, it’s time to give the people what they want.

Grow and retain with SMS opt-in

Super-charge your potential to build community, engage loyalty and excite anticipation with easy SMS opt-in strategies.

Give your customers pre-event reminders or flash sales notices in an instant.

Our experienced Gurus collect and interpret your data to optimize SMS sign-up potential using Justuno, Klaviyo, and Yotpo.

We take advantage of interactive opt-in capabilities like click-opt-in for email, customized SMS keyword replies and more.

We will customize our approach to SMS opt-in to your customers.

Illustration of the Growth Guru team
our tools

We searched high and low for the best tools in the business

Believe us when we say we found these tools within our partners. Utilising Klaviyo, Yotpo, and Justuno, our team truly are gurus when it comes to growing your brands, and keeping your experience a breeze with our integrated omnichannel solutions.

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how we operate

What you have to look forward to

We work with you to create the custom frameworks you can run with

You don’t need to be an expert in SMS - we’ve already done the work for you.

We work with you to select the optimal templates from our partner platforms to integrate into your flow, then customize them from the ground up so you maximize your brand’s growth goals.

Illustration of the Growth Guru team
The Growth Gurus global team culture

Unlimited personalization at your fingertips

We work with Klaviyo and Yotpo to access over 200 built-in integrations that can accommodate you.

With extensive data collection included and unlimited importing, we translate information into targeted messaging, with hyper-personalization and detailed segmentation across your customer base.

Using analytics to look ahead

Our Growth Gurus are mavericks when it comes to data analysis, and use statistical algorithms and machine learning to predict what your customer will need and when, so you can be ready with the perfect message when the time comes.

Illustration of the Growth Guru team
The Growth Gurus global team culture

Interpreting results of SMS A/B testing

If you can text it, we can test it. Whether it’s MMS or SMS, we can experiment with your images, GIFs and content to see what gets action (and what doesn’t). Let us find your sweet spot.

Why do Gurus back SMS?

We get it - a new platform to manage and track communication might sound overwhelming.  Why not just stick to email-only?

Let’s look at where SMS can take you.

Klaviyo logo

Wide-spread instant messaging

There is no getting around it: SMS is the go-to when it comes to overcoming distances at speed. With 90% percent of texts being seen within 3 minutes, that’s a rate of engagement other mediums can’t compete with

Justuno logo

Personalized transactions to keep your customers informed

SMS allows your customers to stay up to date on their orders in real-time with information that’s specific to their interaction with your brand.

Important notices might include:

  • Order confirmation

  • Shipping updates

  • Delivery estimates

    Event reminders

    Invoices and billing

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Getting started is quick and easy

With our partners at  Klaviyo and Yotpo, creating your SMS account and using your toll-free number is as fast as it is simple. We’re ready to jump in with you.

On average, our customers see a 24x ROI on SMS

Here are some of the brands trusting Growth Gurus to take charge in their SMS strategy

5 star review

“Working with Growth Gurus has really helped to move the needle in my business. I went from quite a modest email list to growing around 4x times the size through their recommendations. Email marketing has now become the highest revenue generator for my business – I can't thank the team enough.” 

Eleanor Cullen 

We Might Be Tiny
5 star review

“The growth gurus have been fabulous to work with. Hoping their email series helps to bring in lost revenue.” 

Samantha Spunner

5 star icons

“We contacted Growth Gurus to create 2 email flows and they over exceeded our expectations. They understood our branding perfectly and designed great emails with a fresh and cool copy. We are very satisfied with Growth Gurus work” 

Diego Calvo

Nucleus Central Core Pro 
5 star icons

“I’m new to Klaviyo and had no idea what i was doing. Absolutely loved the clear steps on how to set up the flow myself.”

Megan V.

5 star icons

The Growth Gurus team are a delight to work with! The team are very enthusiastic and worked hard to understand the needs of our business. We thoroughly reccommend working with the Growth Gurus team!

Mary Lee

Salty Crush
5 star icons

Growth Gurus have been exceptional. The quality of the deliverables, amazing communication and extra attention to detail has been fantastic. I recommend them very highly.

Leigh Holford

Baby Moov
5 star icons

Jigs and the team have been really great in pushing the projects along and helping refine our email strategy.

Joshua Parker

Melfred Borzall
5 star icons

This is the second time I have engaged in Growth Gurus services. Great communication, processes & their work is 10 out of 10!


Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates

Supercharge your growth potential, enrich your communication abilities, connect with your customers.

We make it our business to know the ins and out of email marketing, so we are experts in SMS marketing (and more!).

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