Top 3 Managed Revenue in the world, and APAC’s largest partner.

Best Design Agency in APAC and Finalists for Excellence at the 2023 Yotpo Partner Awards. A testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering captivating customer experiences, fueling growth, and inspiring loyalty, we extend our gratitude to our clients for their collaborative spirit, trust, and drive to achieving this exceptional milestone.

Lifecycle marketing specialists improving conversion and driving growth.

We are a team of marketing mavericks, data-lovers and creative thinkers who want to watch your business grow.

We specialize in helping brands build stronger connections with customers, and use our deep expertise in the world of e-commerce digital marketing to achieve conversions and expand your business. You’ll work with a talented team of certified professionals, who make every decision based on proven results and tangible business growth.

Growth Guru client reviewing her business growth

Our growth formula is simple

Quality Visitors x Conversion Optimization x Loyal Customers

Who do Growth Gurus work with?

Small & medium-sized direct-to-consumer brands with big dreams and growing goals in the dynamic world of e-commerce marketing.

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A client success story

  • In one month, we generated over $1.5m in additional revenue from email marketing.
  • Increased revenue from email marketing by 17% in less than 12 months.
  • Created 70+ segments to speak to each customer profile.

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What you can expect with Growth Gurus

Your customers deserve email & SMS advertising that’s as unique as they are. At the Growth Gurus, we operate with a data-driven approach.

We dive deep into your customer’s needs and your brand values, creating bespoke e-commerce marketing that is personalized to every individual.

Our process collapses the marketing funnel, unifying strategy and customer experience to maximize growth.

The result: you send the messages that your customers really want to receive.

Growth Gurus Collaboration


We listen to your goal and your ideas and synchronize our strategies with yours.

Growth Gurus Expansion


Your strategy is tailored to you and your customers so you can watch your brand develop on a whole new scale.

Growth Gurus Consistency


We give you the tools to achieve ongoing growth long after we have said our goodbyes.

Wherever you are in your business journey, we’ll take you the extra mile

Here's what we do:

We listen


We collect all the information you'll need to start giving customers what they want.

We will:

  • Collect customer data
  • Create integrations
  • Build forms
  • Highlight opportunities for personalization
  • Develop accurate customer profiles
We Analyze


We interpret your data and show you how to use it.

This includes:

  • Using advanced segmentation to optimize email marketing and SMS strategy
  • Reporting on trends and interpreting information to gauge the success of your strategies
  • Collating and interpreting customer analytics
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We translate strategy into action and cut through the competition.

This involves:

  • Creating automated flows
  • Promoting your brand by developing your presence on social media
  • Overseeing campaigns end-to-end
  • Harnessing SMS to complement your existing strategies

Where e-commerce experts & world-leading technology combine

We are unapologetically biased when it comes to the tools we use to help your brand thrive. Throughout our years of experience as an SMS & email marketing agency, we have searched high and low for the platforms that meet our high standards.

Klaviyo logo
  • Bring email, SMS and your tech stack into one place with Klaviyo

  • This platform offers high-level functionality and granular insights into your customers with machine learning capabilities.

  • There isn’t another platform we trust more - so the Growth Gurus became expert Klaviyo partners.

Justuno logo
  • Our go-to for on-site messaging, lead generation, and conversions.

  • Don’t let your potential customer become the one that got away.

  • Use Justuno to capture the critical data you need to turn leads into conversions before they leave your site.

Gorgias logo
  • Transform your customer service capabilities with this omnichannel solution.

  • Centralize your service tickets and deeply personalize communications to see your customer pain points dissolve.

  • Engage customers across platforms and transform their experiences to capture sales.

Yotpo logo
  • The platform accelerating growth through customer connection.

  • Tap into customer loyalty with consumer-facing interactions, including reviews, user-generated content, SMS and visual marketing.

  • Harness the power of connection with Yotpo.

Driven by excellence

Growth Gurus client testimonial logos
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The Growth Gurus were a wonderful asset for us – everybody on their team was extremely flexible, knowledgeable, and fair. Their experts were always available (in spite of significant time differences between our location and theirs). We would work with them again in a heartbeat and are happy to recommend them!

SN, Scott Nelson initials

Scott Nelson, co-Founder, Joovv
Los Angeles, USA

Growth Gurus client logo BBX
Illustrated quotation mark

Hire the Gurus and you’ll be glad you did – they can advise and add value in many areas and have a solid understanding of how to grow sales.

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Nick Allan, General Manager, Beauty Brand X
Sydney, Australia

Growth Gurus client testimonial logo Sdara
Illustrated quotation mark

Working with the Growth Gurus has been a breeze! The team is quick with deliverables, even for last-minute campaigns. Essentially they acted as an arm of our company, constructing campaigns from idea to implementation. Would definitely recommend!

Testimonial name tag icon

Christina Stevens, Founder, Sdara Skincare
Vancouver, Canada

Growth Gurus client testimonial logo Sdara
Illustrated quotation mark

We have been working with GrowthGurus for more than a year now! They have been very helpful and the communication is great. The email flows that they helped us to set up & strategies contributed about 25% of our revenue. I highly recommend GrowthGurus!

Testimonial name tag icon

Anyi Mok, e-living Furniture

Growth Gurus client testimonial logo Sdara
Illustrated quotation mark

Working with Growth Gurus has really helped to move the needle in my business. I went from quite a modest email list to growing around 4x times the size through their recommendations. Email marketing has now become the highest revenue generator for my business – I can't thank the team enough.

Testimonial name tag icon

Eleanor Cullen, We Might Be Tiny
Vic, Australia

Growth Gurus client testimonial logo Sdara
Illustrated quotation mark

The GG team is not only a wealth of knowledge when it comes to email, but other IMC as well, which we plan to tap into for our business soon. We foresee an extended collaboration with them, as we're very pleased with what has been accomplished thus far. Thank you Growth Gurus - we couldn't be happier!

Testimonial name tag icon

Happy V Team, Happy V

Growth Gurus client testimonial logo Sdara
Illustrated quotation mark

I've dealt with a couple of email marketing companies, but none of them were as competent in every area. The companies were OK at Klaviyo in general, but their copywriting and design were lacking, making it impossible to get high-quality emails by the end of the day. Then I was referred to Growth Gurus, and I've never had to look around again.

Testimonial name tag icon

Alex Surzhko, Preferred Elements

Growth Gurus client testimonial logo Sdara
Illustrated quotation mark

The growth gurus have been fabulous to work with. Hoping their email series helps to bring in lost revenue. 

Testimonial name tag icon

Samantha Spunner, Sinchies

Growth Gurus client testimonial logo Sdara
Illustrated quotation mark

Growth Gurus went above and beyond to make sure my company's needs were met. They were overly communicative, and the team put in real effort to understand my customers (SUPER IMPORTANT!!!).

Testimonial name tag icon

Jin Hwang, Trae Goods

Growth Gurus client testimonial logo Sdara
Illustrated quotation mark

Congratulations Growth Gurus on winning the Best Design Agency award for APAC 2023!! I was absolutely thrilled to hear this news. Thank you for your outstanding work in developing our amazing loyalty program wi Your dedication to creating innovative and effective design solutions has clearly paid off, and this award is a testament to the exceptional skills and talent of your team over this entire project from start to finish with us. On behalf of the entirand myself, we thank you very much and absolutely love working with your agency! Keep up the fantastic work, and may your agency continue to grow and thrive in the years ahead.

Testimonial name tag icon

Danial David, Kas Australia

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