Who are we

Growth Gurus is the full-service growth marketing agency for e-commerce business that are smaller than they want to be.

We understand what your e-commerce business needs— because we're just like you

Like many of the brands we work with, our business was born from a homegrown dream that we transformed into a reality.

We have seen life partners become business partners, made work-from-home work for us, celebrated the everyday wins, and faced the same challenges that your company has.

We specialize in using Klaviyo to help businesses grow and build stronger customer relationships.

What do we do

We are the email marketing agency that want to see ideas grow and the businesses behind them reach their greatest potential.

Our office is online, the internet is our marketplace and technology connects us.

Nothing excites us more than the growing world of e-commerce, and with over US 1.3 million companies turning to online solutions, it's a space that's only going to get bigger.

We are now in the digital age–and we are the virtual-first agency that is meeting e-commerce brands in the digital space. No matter what the ouside world throws at us, we have the expertise, the tools and the experience to elevate your business–wherever you are.

Our team have growth down to
a simple formula:

Quality Visitors x Conversion Optimization x Loyal Customers


Our team

Many heads are better than one, so we have assembled the best in the game. We rely on our Gurus to provide specialist perpsectives from all angles, so we can provide you with the whole picture.

From the marking mavericks and innovative creatives, to the technology-lovers and out-of-the-box thinkers, our Gurus form an all-star team that accelerates growth on every side.

Gurus culture

We are a team of real humans, living real lives and making real differences
We might be virtual-first, but we're far from remote.

We have done the early mornings and late nights, tackled problems in every shape and
size, and kept our connections alive along the way

As an Australian-based company connecting Gurus from around the globe, cross-
geographical collaboration is the norm for our team, who are pros at keeping projects on
track no matter where they are.

We connect, we create and we experience growth as a team.

Where artisanship meets technology

We have combined high-level strategy with the outstanding technology to bring you seamless integrations, unbeatable functionality and optimized growth potential.

Each of our tech partners has been carefully selected by our expert team, who have worked hand-in-hand with our partners to build the best platforms in the business for our clients needs.

The technology we partner with:


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Since we worked with Growth Gurus in less than 2 months our email marketing has contributed around 30% of our store revenue, they exceeded our expectations. The entire team is extremely organized and professional. We've never looked back since working with GG and the team.
Chris Yap E-Living Furniture
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...I was referred to Growth Gurus, and I've never had to look around again. They have an amazing team of professionals who are capable of creating a turn-key product with perfectly built flows, amazing design, and engaging copy...
Alex Surzhko Preferred Elements
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Working with Growth Gurus has really helped to move the needle in my business. I went from quite a modest email list to growing around 4 times the size through their recommendations. Email marketing has now become the highest revenue generator for my business — I can't thank the team enough.
Eleanor Cullen We Might Be Tiny
VIC, Australia

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