E-commerce Masterclass Sydney

We joined with our partners at Klaviyo to deliver a Masterclass on the power of customer data. Meeting with major e-commerce businesses from across NSW, our Sydney class explored how merchants can use data to tackle some of the biggest challenges in e-commerce right now; increasing costs of customer acquisition and building up customer lifetime value.

Partnered with Klaviyo

Our Growth Gurus are known for their strategic approach to digital marketing, using customer data as the driving force for success.

Attendees heard from industry-leading experts known internationally for their work in analytics and strategy development. Our speakers included Growth Gurus CEO Matt Colbourne, General Manager and former Nielsen and Dentsu senior executive John Price, and serial entrepreneur Serkan Honeine. Each speaker shared their ethos when it comes to interpreting customer data, how to harness that data for business growth, and their success stories.

From lead capture and segmentation to creative design, our Masterclass provided attendees with proven data-driven growth strategies across all major customer touchpoints. Throughout the class, our speakers facilitated discussions and spent time workshopping with attendees.

Our Speakers:

Adam Loakim Photo

Adam Ioakim
Vice President, APAC

Serkan Honeine Photo

Serkan Honeine
Catch Fitness

Matt Coleborne Photo

Matt Coleborne
Growth Gurus

Masterclass Convention Event Outdoor

Leaders in their field

Representatives of businesses from across NSW attended our masterclass, looking to learn from the success of our Gurus, and use analytics to drive their acquisition and retention strategies.

Each participant got the opportunity to tailor the lesson to their individual growth goals with helpful take-home checklists, roadmaps, and other handouts, as well as group workshopping time with our Gurus. We shared our roadmap for growth with short, medium and long-term goals that each attendee could tailor to their own business needs, and each class member walked away with actionable steps they could put into practice immediately.

After our Masterclass, we invited class members to mingle with industry peers and get 1-on-1 time with our speakers as they enjoyed a delicious free brunch from our hosts at The Grounds of Alexandria.

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