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About Joovv.

Joovv is one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of red light therapy devices, and with its patented modular design, it's the first brand to make powerful, medical-grade light therapy treatments affordable and accessible to the public.

Today, Joovv systems are used in salons and spas around the world for natural skin health and anti-aging benefits.

Joovv devices are trusted by pro sports teams, Olympians, and world-class trainers & gyms for proven performance and muscle recovery benefits. A wide variety of clinics and health practitioners incorporate Joovv as a safe, natural joint pain & inflammation treatment.

And tens of thousands of individuals use their Joovv devices in the comfort of their own homes every day.

The detail is in the data.

We began by migrating to the email marketing platform, Klaviyo, which was chosen for its functional integration into the Joovv Shopify store. After synchronizing the platforms, new data metrics and events were identified for the Joovv customers and leads.

As we unlocked the data about customers and their preferences, we turned it into targeted, personalized marketing. Combining this rich data with powerful automation, deeper segmentation, and automated data science helped Joovv drive new sales and create stronger relationships with their customers through email marketing.

Customer profiles
and segmentation.

Over 70 segments of customers were created, using a combination of events, profile properties, location, predicted values and more. Analysis of the segments allowed the channel strategy to be developed in phases and built out over time.

Data science in practical use.

We generated predictions for lifetime value, churn risk, gender, optimal send time, personalized product recommendations and targeting of high-value customers.

Engaging the Joovv faithful.

Known for their thought leadership on next-level light therapy and how it can help you reach health and fitness goals, Joovv has a database of loyal followers on their mailing list. We needed to engage and help convert them not just on the science of light therapy, but to purchase Joovv products too.

We developed a Promotional plan for regular campaigns, that ensured an organized schedule ran consistently, with a communications strategy that moved people along the customer lifecycle stages.

No sales puffery.

With a brand built on enhancing health with the latest in light therapy, Joovv loved to share healthy light therapy tips and tricks from leading experts.

A simple layout was used for these emails, to help focus on the important science and benefits of red light therapy. It’s not always about direct sales conversion when you have a well-thought-out strategy and game plan.

Customer journey mapping.

We developed customer-centric journey mapping to help lower the cost of acquisition and to tailor the messaging and the objectives of the emails to various customer profiles.

Emails and automations were created around central themes of Pain and Inflammation Relief, Fitness, Performance and Recovery, Sleep and Circadian Rhythm, Skin and Beauty.

These were then built on with an influencer strategy, that further adapted more personalized content based on the individual profile of the recipient.


Central to the opt-in activations on the website, multiple Pop Ups were created based on traffic source, campaign source, landing pages, and user behavior on the website. The Pop Up a user engaged with triggered the automation that followed, allowing highly targeted and personalized content as part of the customer journey.

While more complex to establish and implement as part of the email channel strategy, the high conversion rates rewarded the extra effort.

Beautiful designs that convert orders.

Using segmentation, lead scoring, and data-based predictions, customers entering the purchase cycle were targeted with beautiful, product focussed emails. Now ready to buy, these emails generated a high frequency of consistent conversions, with the direct sales conversion outperforming every other channel Joovv has.

Launching the JOOVV GO.

With the success of conversion and retention marketing now proven at Joovv, we now had the responsibility of launching their first new product in over two years.

With a data-led approach based on the past purchase order history of customers, special segmentation was created to target those users for the launch of the new Joovv Go product. A pre-sale event was launched, with the new product listing at its full price, creating interest and intrigue. When the product was available to purchase online, the success of the email campaigns sold out the entire inventory within the first two weeks.

Without a single discount or incentive offered, Joovv achieved profitable revenue growth for little outlay.

Artificial intelligence creating upgrade sales.

With a patented modular design that makes it easy for customers to expand their Joovv product and experience, an AI personalization strategy was developed for upgrade sales.

By pulling the data of the principal product purchased, a series of product upgrade recommendations and offers were sent to customers. Each email was personalized based on their past order history and used the data science engine in Klaviyo to predict the timings of the upgrade purchase event.

Analysis and optimization continue to improve the results.

In less than a year, Joovv went from having little email revenue to over half of all revenue being attributed to email marketing.

Delivering a third of revenue was a great outcome, increasing from 35% to 52% was made possible by the Growth Gurus in-house data analyst capabilities. With a commitment to ongoing monthly analysis, testing, and experimentation, our data team created new scenarios to be hypothesized and reported against.

Conditional branching, timings, variations, content, and designs were all optimized, from the positions of buttons to how content displayed on mobile devices (and didn’t). This structured approach of our data team generated an uplift enviable of any brand.

Joovv never discounts.

There is no disputing the success of discounting and offers when it comes to online retail. It’s still one of the most successful tactics to drive sales. The challenge for serious merchants is how to do this while driving profitable revenue growth for their business at the same time.

Reducing customer acquisition costs, improving conversion rates and growing lifetime value are all areas where email marketing can help.

But it’s the personalization of email content and the timing of it being sent, relevant to their position in the journey that makes email so valuable. When you align this with a data-led understanding of each customer, you can add genuine value to their experience with your brand and charge a premium price to do so.

It’s why Joovv has never discounted and their email strategy has been so successful.

The Growth Gurus leverage a rich understanding of strategy and the underlying drivers of growth, and bring deep creativity to help you chart a path to achieve it.

SN Scott Nelson, Co-founder, Joovv (Los Angeles, USA)

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