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At the Growth Gurus, we strive to expand beyond being just a team; we’re making strides in the digital marketing landscape, dedicated to setting new standards and achieving remarkable outcomes. Our mission is straightforward: to drive unparalleled results with innovative strategies, ensuring our varied client base remains ahead in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

To realize this vision, we've gathered an elite group of individuals, our Gurus, who bring specialized insights from every angle, offering a comprehensive view of every possibility for enhanced growth.

We pride ourselves on being more than just experts; we're real people, living genuine lives, and making real differences. Despite being a virtual-first company, our connections and teamwork transcend the digital realm; our commitment has seen us through early mornings and late nights, tackling challenges of all shapes and sizes while keeping our collaborative spirit alive.

Our gurus

I’m a problem solver and surfer at heart, with a deep passion for developing innovative marketing strategies. My aim is to revolutionize the way businesses attract and engage  their audiences, through personalized customer experiences. Fueled by a desire to master lifecycle marketing technologies, automation, and data intelligence; my goal is to transform marketing challenges into victories, and foster customer loyalty and sustainable growth for brands.

Travis Bonneteau

Strategy Director

As Marketing Solutions Coordinator at Growth Gurus, I handle various tasks including sales outreach automation, contact research, client onboarding, presales support, and sales administration. I am committed to excellent customer service and innovative strategies. Certified in Klaviyo and Gorgias, I'm passionate about boosting e-commerce brands' online presence and revenue. I foster an energetic, achievement-focused culture by exceeding sales targets, delivering top-notch service, and promoting collaboration.

John Singson

Marketing Solutions Coordinator
(The Philippines)

At Growth Gurus, my creativity and versatility are the engines behind my ability to create captivating copy that elevates brand identities and drives growth in the e-commerce realm. I relish the opportunity to weave powerful stories, manage social media, and orchestrate email campaigns, transforming success and client satisfaction. Beyond the digital landscape, I'm passionate about family outings, playing volleyball, and spending time with our pup, Bella.

Valdete Sertolli

Content Coordinator

With 7+ years of experience in graphic design, I seamlessly blend design, coding, and problem-solving with a passion for learning, I specialize in Email, social media, and editorial designs. Fascinated by History and Psychology, I enrich my creative approach. Collaborating globally, I craft impactful visuals, driven by dedication to innovation and mastery of design principles.

Magdy Abd El-Aal

Email Designer

An early adopter of digital commerce, I've founded and invested in multiple ecommerce businesses from direct-to-consumer brands, software ventures and the marketing technology consultancy – the Growth Gurus. As CEO of the Growth Gurus, I've brought together a global team specializing in helping businesses that are smaller than they want to be, to build stronger connections with their customers to expand their growth through data driven personalisation and creativity.

Matt Coleborne

CEO and Co-Founder

My driving passion is crafting emails with 100% unique designs that echo a company's brand identity, boasting over 5 years of dedicated experience as an email designer. My creativity and collaborative spirit breathe life into brands, tailoring high-quality visuals that resonate with clients' visions. My work is a testament to my fervent commitment to producing designs that reflect my passion, and significantly impact and enhance brand image.

Kenneth Hernandez

(The Philippines)

With over two decades of expertise in steering retail operations for Australia's leading brands under my belt, I've channeled this experience into my role as the vibrant co-leader at Growth Gurus. My forte lies in orchestrating email and lifecycle marketing campaigns for a global clientele. My zeal for crafting meaningful customer journeys serves as the cornerstone of my approach, driving profitability and a culture of innovation.

Hayley Coleborne

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

As the Partnerships Manager at Growth Gurus, I specialise in strategic partnership development, identifying opportunities with service-based businesses in alignment with our goals. With expertise in relationship management and negotiation, I ensure collaborative success. I facilitate partnership initiatives, track progress, and actively engage in industry forums, fostering new connections to drive growth.

Michael Alan Espelarga

Partnerships Manager
(The Philippines)

Transitioning from engineering in India to pursuing my passion for marketing in Malaysia, I've found a unique niche where analytical skills and creativity converge. Problem-solving excites me, with my engineering mindset blending with marketing strategies, allowing me to approach challenges from diverse angles for unparalleled results. Beyond work, I'm an avid traveler and exercise enthusiast who enjoys deep conversations that go beyond the surface.

Pragna Hiremutt

Marketing Data Analyst

Hailing from Vermont, I embraced a new adventure by relocating to Australia in 2017, and it's been an exhilarating journey ever since. As a dynamic marketing enthusiast with a penchant for organization, I excel in the realms of conversion and retention marketing, copywriting, and project management. My drive to forge strategic partnerships and inspire teams propels us to continually surpass client expectations.

Olivia Grant

Growth & Partnerships Director

With more than 8 years of immersion in the digital realm, I've become a creative whirlwind, excelling in crafting eye-catching branding, masterful Webflow design, and polished UI/UX interfaces. My impressive arsenal, equipped with Figma, Adobe Suite, and a keen eye for detail, empowers me to craft captivating designs. These designs transform ordinary processes into vibrant endeavors, ensuring each piece stands out in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

Jake Bougouneau

Graphic Designer
(United Kingdom)

My enthusiasm propels my dedication to forging deep connections with clients, steering towards exhilarating outcomes. Drawing from a rich palette of experiences in marketing & promotions, advertising, event management, and media planning, I infuse our team's endeavours with my unique perspective, enhancing our collective journey to success. I'm a marketer and publicist with a heart deeply rooted in the arts and theatre - just don't expect me to hit the dance floor!

Jigs Reodica

Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager
(The Philippines)

An ardent Marketing Automation Specialist who provides core project management support for marketing activities and ensures that critical milestones and strategic momentum are maximised for our clients!

Gersey De Los Santos

Marketing Automation Specialist
(The Philippines)

Driven by a deep passion for marketing, I dedicate myself to igniting brand growth by orchestrating electric strategies and launching innovative campaigns. My expertise spans multichannel marketing, devising annual blueprints, and fine-tuning outcomes for maximum impact, turning creative ideas into actionable plans that seamlessly align with our goals. Outside of work, I'm a cinephile; expect to be stuck in conversations about movies with me!

Emma Boertje

Marketing Coordinator

At Growth Gurus, I embrace the role of Content Strategist with excitement, eager to weave captivating stories that truly resonate with our clients' audiences. Combining strategic storytelling with data-driven insights, I amplify each brand's unique voice, fostering growth through content strategies designed to captivate and convert. A storyteller at heart, my passion lies in connecting with people through writing and creating in the digital realm.

Emily Graham

Content Strategist

As a seasoned multimedia artist with a zest for creativity and innovation, I excel in transforming ideas into reality through graphic design, web design, and compelling email creations. I'm passionate about mentoring my team and tackling projects that turn intricate challenges into stunning visuals, pushing client projects beyond their limits. Catch me fueling my love for math, Netflix binges, and video gaming between developing my creative process.

Remus Hipolito

Senior Digital Designer
(The Philippines)
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