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Google & Yahoo marketing updates: What we've learned so far

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, the onset of 2024 heralded pivotal updates from Google and Yahoo, reshaping our strategies and workflows. We're set to dive into these critical changes, the strategic pivots we've made in response, and the valuable lessons learned from the latest developments.

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Travis Bonneteau
April 21, 2024
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In the ever-evolving digital marketing world, the beginning of 2024 brought significant updates from Google and Yahoo that have profoundly impacted our strategies and operations. Following our webinar, we’ll delve into the changes, our strategic adjustments, and the learnings we've gathered from the newest updates.

Refresh on the February 1st Updates

The year kicked off with crucial changes by Google and Yahoo, focusing on email authentication and the necessity for brands to adopt DMARC and branded domains. This move aimed to enhance email deliverability and security, a vital concern for marketers worldwide.

Strategic Adjustments and Learnings

The adjustments we've made in response to these updates reveal the dynamic nature of digital marketing:

  • Email Deliverability Challenges: We encountered initial deliverability issues, particularly with specific carriers. Through proactive measures and collaboration with Klaviyo, we successfully navigated these challenges.
  • Increased Bot Traffic: An unexpected surge in bot traffic prompted us to refine our filtering processes, ensuring genuine engagement.
  • Adapting Subscription Settings: The shift to double opt-in for email subscriptions, though initially impacting sign-ups and revenue, proved essential in maintaining list health and deliverability.
  • Opportunity for Refined Strategies: These challenges have underscored the importance of agility in digital marketing. Adapting quickly and effectively ensures not just recovery but improvement in engagement and deliverability.

5 Steps for Addressing Deliverability Issues

We’ve now also learnt of continued updates in the industry; as of April 1st, Google has started blocking some non-compliant emails, and will eventually block all emails that don’t have set DMARC or branded domains on June 1st. In light of these additional changes, we’ve heard from brands finding that their deliverability issues are becoming more prevalent. For two brands, we were successfully able to overcome serious deliverability issues with 5 key steps we shared in our video discussion.

1. Domain Management: Promptly remove domains associated with high bounce rates from your campaigns.

2. Seek Support: Utilize resources like Klaviyo's support team for domain-related issues.

3. Flow Adjustments: Implement filters to remove bounced contacts, maintaining list health.

4. Subscription Settings: Consider double opt-in to enhance engagement quality.

5. Continuous Monitoring: Regularly review and adjust strategies based on deliverability metrics.

Looking Ahead: Continuous Experimentation

The digital landscape is perpetually shifting, presenting both challenges and opportunities. Our experience navigating the recent Google and Yahoo updates reaffirms our commitment to innovation and adaptability.

Navigating these updates can be complex. If you're seeking expert guidance to enhance your digital marketing strategies in light of the recent Google and Yahoo updates, Growth Gurus is here to assist.

Contact us today to elevate your customer engagement in this constantly changing digital arena.

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