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Integrating Litmus: Optimizing email marketing

Explore how Growth Gurus, as an agile growth marketing agency, is enhancing its email marketing strategies by integrating Litmus into its workflow. Discover the potential impact of this robust platform on optimizing operations and improving client services.

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John Price
May 3, 2024
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Decoding the email revolution:

Growth Gurus dive into the 2023 trends

As an agile growth marketing agency, Growth Gurus is constantly exploring new ways to optimize our operations and services. We've begun integrating Litmus, a robust email marketing platform, into our workflow. 

Not only do we use Litmus for quality assurance and testing, but we're also excited about its email-building capabilities. Although our main email service provider, Klaviyo, has a strong builder, Litmus offers us another reliable option for creating engaging, effective emails for our clients.

When you're bombarded with numbers, industry jargon, and complex marketing analytics, it can feel like you're deciphering hieroglyphics.

To help you turn this enigma into actionable strategies, Growth Gurus, in partnership with Litmus, is here to help you translate these insights into tangible growth for your e-commerce business. 

Leveraging Litmus for streamlined email marketing operations

Using the latest findings from the 2023 'State of Email Workflows' Litmus Report, we dive into what makes email marketing successful and the strategies that really matter when it comes to business growth.

A crucial alliance: our partnership with Litmus

We don't just strive for growth; we create it. At Growth Gurus, we are relentless in our pursuit of superior email marketing services that can optimize your growth potential. And our partnership with Litmus, a titan in email marketing technology, fortifies our commitment to quality and innovation.

  • Litmus provides an extensive range of tests, such as image-blocking previews and spam tests, enabling us to optimize each email we craft. Using Litmus’s Google Chrome extension allows us to run these tests instantly, saving us time and improving efficiency.

  • The 2023 'State of Email Workflows' report from Litmus has recently landed in our hands, and its insights are as enlightening as they are valuable. The findings of this report are more than just numbers - they shape the way we work, influencing our strategies and operations to drive success for our clients.

Email marketing: the silent champion of business success

The Litmus report reiterated what we've always believed: email marketing is crucial for business success. 

It's a highly effective channel, outperforming others such as social media and paid search.          


Highlighting the effectiveness of email marketing in comparison to other channels:       


  • In fact, 39% of marketers and a whopping 87% of marketing leaders declare email marketing as pivotal to their company's triumph. 

We're here to leverage this indispensable tool across all areas of your marketing mix, integrating email marketing into your overall marketing strategy for maximum ROI.

Challenges in email production

At Growth Gurus, we understand the complexities that come with email production. 

  • As the report indicated, major blockers include collecting feedback (35%), content creation (34%), and securing buy-in from stakeholders (32%). 

  • Litmus helps Growth Gurus overcome challenges in email production by providing solutions for collecting feedback, content creation, and securing stakeholder buy-in. This partnership streamlines the email production process, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

The importance of measuring email ROI

  • 36% of marketers currently neglect to measure their email ROI, missing out on key data for improving strategy and growth.. 

At Growth Gurus, we ensure a keen eye is kept on these metrics, understanding their crucial role in evaluating campaign performance.

The art of email building

  • The process of email building requires a blend of content, design, development, and automation.

  • Preferred methods of email construction according to the Litmus report, 39% of marketers build emails by replacing text and image coding in a template or prior email, yet 42% would prefer to use a library of standard components, snippets, or partials. 

Our team of design experts builds and curates email designs according to best practices, using this library of components to create engaging, thoughtful emails that capture customers' attention.

Efficiency through the Litmus design library

Leveraging Litmus’s extensive Design Library, we create high-quality emails, customizing pre-built components for your brand while still providing efficiency and consistency.

Understanding the time and challenges in email production

  • The report provided interesting insights into the time taken for email production, revealing that it takes one week for 21% of email marketing teams to build an email, and 62% requiring two or more weeks. 

  • Challenges range from building (41%), designing (40%), and testing (39%) emails. 

Our partnership with Litmus means that we have a deep understanding of the platform and its technical capabilities, so our team can quickly and efficiently produce emails for our clients.

The human touch in email marketing

Litmus emphasizes the need for personal touches in your email marketing strategy. At Growth Gurus, we couldn't agree more. 

  • Our strategy leverages the power of personalization in your email marketing to reach your audience like a trusted friend or approachable professional–like a real person is on the other end of their email. 

  • It gives them a sense of exclusivity and influence in the messages they receive and means that we can target them with relevant offers, products, or ideas that will resonate with them.

Understanding your subscribers

Speaking of personalization, we understand the importance of segmentation when it comes to your email strategy. 

  • According to Litmus, most email marketers have less than 100,000 subscribers on their active email list, and these subscribers receive 2-4 emails per month. 

  • These emails should be tailored to the recipient, versus a “batch blast” method that would see their inbox flooded with unnecessary content for their needs. 

  • Delivering valuable content without overloading your customers' inboxes is crucial to a successful email strategy.

Litmus for quality control

Our team at Growth Gurus takes data to heart when designing and executing email strategies for our clients, from copy variations to specific design elements that resonate with your customers the most. 

The last thing you want after all that hard production work is to send an email that is cut-off, messy, or appears differently from how you had envisioned it on the recipient device.

  • Litmus allows us to see anomalies in the email at a glance. 

  • And using Litmus for quality control ensures that every email we send meets the highest standards, which is crucial for optimizing customer engagement and, ultimately, your ROI. 

Optimizing subscription acquisition source

  • Litmus’s report found the top subscription acquisition sources: homepage sign-up forms (37%), online registration for webinars or events (33%), and sign-up forms on other customer-facing pages of websites (33%).

  •  Leveraging these sources effectively can significantly boost your subscription rates and, ultimately, your customer base.

At Growth Gurus, we pair these insights with our strategic skills and design experience to help our clients take full advantage of these acquisition sources.

By leveraging automated customer onboarding emails, we streamline and optimize the process of nurturing a customer on their purchasing journey from end to end, making it seamless for both our clients and their customers.

Capitalizing on email automation: in alliance with Litmus

We will examine the key findings of Litmus's recent report on the relevance and impact of email automation. 

So, why should we care about automation?

The reasons are simple: it saves you valuable time, streamlines your email marketing process, and ensures your subscribers receive the right messages at the right time. Let's delve into these insights and how our Growth Gurus employ them to elevate your business.

The journey of email automation

According to Litmus, most businesses automate certain email sequences or journeys. 

  • Topping the list are onboarding or post-purchase emails (55%), followed by customer reactivation or win-back emails (31%), and then subscriber re-engagement emails (32%).   

This information highlights the vital role of automated onboarding emails. If you aren't leveraging automation for these emails yet, this presents an excellent opportunity for a quick win. 

Similarly, customer reactivation emails, usually sent when a customer cancels or hasn't purchased recently, can also be automated, reducing your team's workload and ensuring continuous customer engagement.

Beyond automated sequences: the scope of individual emails

Email automation extends beyond just sequences. Individual emails, particularly those marking milestones or specific events, are also often automated. 

  • The Litmus report indicates that emails related to birthdays, anniversaries, or other milestones (48%), subscriber re-engagement (34%), and rating, review, or net promoter score (NPS) (31%) are the most likely to be automated. 

We can help identify the emails that can most benefit from automation, freeing up your resources and time.

We ensure deliverability in our collaboration with Litmus, we ensure that every email we craft and dispatch on your behalf is an engaging piece of content that is assuredly delivered.

The key to unrivaled email marketing ROI

Firstly, it's important to understand the lifecycle of an email. From conception to deployment, it endures a tumultuous journey, eventually reaching its final destination within the confines of data analytics. 

Our job is to dissect, analyze, and understand the nuances of this journey. We take the learnings from each email sent and continuously optimize according to the data, ensuring that every email is as effective as possible. 

Measuring success: key performance indicators (KPIs)

But how do we define success in email marketing? The Litmus report offers some clarity by identifying the top three email marketing KPIs:

     1. Growing Sales/Revenue (41%)

    2. Boosting Customer Retention (41%)

    3. Generating Marketing or Sales Qualified Leads (MQL or SQLs) (40%)

These KPIs underscore our goal at Growth Gurus: to create emails that not only capture attention but also drive action, ultimately contributing to your business growth.

The ROI equation

At this point, you might be wondering, "But how exactly is the ROI of email marketing measured?" According to the Litmus report, about 66% of marketing teams measure their email marketing ROI. 

  • Here's the simple math involved in calculating ROI: 

How Litmus and Growth Gurus optimize ROI

  • With 30% of marketers planning to spend more on the integration of email with other channels in 2023, and only 24% of email marketing programs being highly integrated into other marketing channels right now, there's a significant opportunity for growth.

We at Growth Gurus understand this potential and use Litmus to fully integrate your email marketing with your overall digital strategy.

  • Apart from monetary results, ROI also encapsulates non-monetary gains like increased output, ability to handle more projects, and a decrease in the time taken to complete tasks. This holistic approach to calculating ROI is an indicator of the potential for growth in your business.

By partnering with Litmus, we ensure the quality control of your emails, providing analytics and insights that help optimize your marketing strategy. Using Litmus, we can tailor your emails to your customers' preferences, increasing engagement, and ultimately, your ROI.

Embracing automation

  • Automation ranks second in the list of priorities, with 48% of marketers planning to automate more aspects of their email programs in the forthcoming year. 

  • With the advanced capabilities provided by Litmus, we've been able to automate numerous facets of our email campaigns, delivering timely and relevant content to our clients' customers. 

  • Automation not only enhances efficiency but also ensures a consistent brand voice and message, a crucial aspect in today's dynamic e-commerce landscape.

Seamless integration across channels

With the evolution of the digital marketplace, the future of email marketing is leaning towards a more integrated approach. 

  • As highlighted in the Litmus report, 30% of marketers plan to spend up to 15% more on the integration of email with other channels in 2023. 

  • This integration can range from social media feeds to paid ads and advanced segmentation strategies, the goal being a more holistic, omnichannel approach to marketing.

At Growth Gurus, we integrate our email marketing strategies with multiple platforms, creating a seamless, engaging, and interactive experience for the end consumers. 

While we continuously adapt to the changing landscape of email marketing, one thing remains constant;our commitment to helping our clients reach their fullest potential. Our partnership with Litmus helps us bring to life the insights highlighted in their report.

Litmus insights and our email workflow revolution

1. Revisit Your Strategies

According to Litmus, maintaining an up-to-date email workflow is essential to ensure that your brand's voice and marketing priorities are accurately reflected. As your business evolves, so should your emails. When was the last time you took a deep dive into your email workflows? If you can't remember, it might be time for a review.

At Growth Gurus, we're all about helping you optimize your marketing strategies. Using the expertise and tools provided by Litmus, we conduct periodic audits on our client's automated emails and acquisition channels. This process ensures we're sending the right message to the right audience, at the right time.

2. The power of personalization

The Litmus report highlights an indispensable element that has been echoed for years; personalization. An impressive 80% of customers are more likely to purchase after a personalized experience. In light of this, 55% of marketers are planning to expand their personalization capabilities next year.

We've harnessed the power of personalization by integrating data provided by Litmus, and their quality assurance check, into our email marketing process. This powerful tool assists us in creating tailor-made experiences, delivering high-quality content that resonates with each customer, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in email marketing.

3. The human touch in email marketing

Amid all the AI, automation, and high-tech tools, it's easy to lose sight of the primary purpose of email marketing—human-to-human interaction. The Litmus report reveals that 65% of marketers believe direct contact with subscribers is the most beneficial aspect of email marketing.

At Growth Gurus, we're committed to never losing sight of the human element. We understand that behind every email address is a person. The way we use Litmus reinforces this belief—ensuring that every email we create and send on behalf of our clients feels personal and engaging.

In our mission to bring e-commerce businesses closer to their desired growth, the transition to Litmus has marked a significant step forward. As we continue to explore its potential, we're confident that this tool will enhance our ability to serve our clients effectively and efficiently.

The digital world is vast and ever-evolving. To thrive, businesses must adapt and innovate continually. With Litmus and Growth Gurus, you have a powerful partnership that ensures your business isn't just keeping up but leading the way. Let's leverage these insights to grow your business in the digital space.

At the Growth Gurus, we create beautifully designed, data-driven emails. By leveraging the power of Litmus in our extensive QA process, we can ensure that every email we send out not only captivates visually but also functions as intended across various email service providers in a matter of seconds. Making Litmus an essential tool that we use in the company.”   

Olivia  |  Senior Specialist of Lifecycle 

Ready to Revolutionize Your Email Marketing Strategy?

We've traversed the ins and outs of using Litmus for enhancing your email marketing, but the journey doesn't end here. It's time for you to experience the power of optimized email strategies firsthand.

Are you ready to dive into the world of improved email marketing that yields measurable results? Let us be your guiding light.

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Remember, the power to revolutionize your email marketing is just a click away!

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