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Navigating the new era of email marketing: Google's 2024 update and best practices

In February 2024, Google is set to implement significant changes to email marketing rules, with a focus on enhancing deliverability and user engagement. Matt and Travis from The Growth Gurus and Rodrigo from Klaviyo, delve into these updates, providing valuable insights to help marketers prepare and optimize their strategies, and stay compliant throughout 2024.

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Travis Bonneteau
May 6, 2024
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Key Changes and Preparations

Starting February 1st, Google will enforce stricter guidelines for those sending over 5,000 emails per day. These include authentication of outgoing emails, simplified unsubscription processes, and maintaining spam rates below the recommended threshold. Compliance with these rules will improve visibility and engagement for brands, as the changes aim to filter out unwanted emails from users' inboxes.

Debunking Myths

A common misconception is that the changes limit marketers to only being allowed to send 5,000 emails to Google and Yahoo users per day. However, the rules are stated for anyone who sends over 5,000 emails a day. This means that you can continue to send to the same amount of people per day, but need to adopt some additional strategies to ensure you stay compliant. 

It's important to also understand that while the focus is on high-volume senders, adopting these best practices across the board is beneficial as it’s likely that similar rules will be adopted by other providers like Microsoft and Outlook soon.

The Importance of Segmentation

Creating engaged segments is more crucial than ever. With Google and Yahoo emphasizing engagement, marketers must analyze their audience and segment campaigns accordingly. By customizing content and maintaining engaged segments, brands can ensure their messages resonate and achieve higher deliverability rates.

Travis, Strategy Director at the Growth Gurus, dives into which key segments you should be focusing on creating in your Klaviyo account with these Google and Yahoo changes.

"We came up with the solution of removing Google and Yahoo contacts from your regular campaign segments and creating new engaged segments for Yahoo and Google. This allows you to be strategic and target either Yahoo or Google according to your spam rates for each of those platforms"

Travis, Strategy Director at the Growth Gurus

DMARC Setup Check

Implementing DMARC, SPF, DKIM, and setting up a branded sending domain are now crucial steps for email marketers to authenticate their sendings and enhance email security. This suite of authentication measures is essential to verify that your emails are legitimately from your domain, which is key to maintaining high deliverability rates and sender reputation.

To assess your current setup and ensure you meet these new standards, utilize tools like the Red Sift DMARC Investigation Tool available at Red Sift DMARC Investigate. This resource provides a straightforward way for you to test your domain's compliance and make any necessary adjustments.


The upcoming email marketing rules by Google and Yahoo underscore the importance of audience analysis, proper segmentation, keeping spam rates low and technical email setup to ensure optimal deliverability and engagement. By preparing now, marketers can turn these changes into an opportunity to refine their email strategies and foster stronger customer relationships.

Watch the Discussion

For a deeper dive into these changes and expert advice, watch the full discussion with Matt, Travis, and Rodrigo in our video: "Navigating Google's New Email Marketing Rules." Their insights will help you turn these new challenges into opportunities for your email marketing campaigns.

Watch the Video - Discover how to navigate Google's email marketing updates and stay ahead in 2024.

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