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How to nail Mother’s Day marketing with Klaviyo for your e-Commerce store

Boost your Mother's Day sales with our guide to creating targeted customer segments, craft a winning content strategy, and implement powerful marketing tactics.

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John Price
April 21, 2024
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Mother's Day is a special occasion to celebrate the love, care, and sacrifices made by the most important women in our lives and it’s one of the biggest sale days in ecommerce stores. This makes it essential for businesses to have a strong marketing campaign targeting customers who are most likely to purchase gifts for this occasion. In this blog post, we will show you how to create relevant customer segments, develop a viable content schedule, and craft a winning content strategy for Mother's Day using Klaviyo.

Segmentation for Mother's Day Marketing

To maximize the effectiveness of your Mother's Day marketing campaign, it's crucial to target the right customers. Here are some segments to consider:

a. VIP Customers: These are regular purchasers from your store who have bought at least three times over the last four months or have spent over triple your average order value. Make them feel special by offering early access to Mother's Day deals or exclusive promotions.

b. Last Year's Mother's Day Purchasers: Target customers who bought from your store in the lead-up to Mother's Day last year. Make them aware of any Mother's Day sales you're promoting this year.

c. Window Shoppers: Identify customers who have shown interest in your store but haven't made a purchase yet. Consider offering higher discounts or special deals to entice them to buy.

Excluding Segments from Mother’s Day Marketing

Avoid sending extra communication to certain customer segments:

a. This Year's Mother's Day Purchasers: Exclude customers who have already purchased Mother's Day gifts from your store in the month leading up to the holiday.

b. Non-opted-in Customers: Exclude customers who haven't opted in to receive Mother's Day communications

Retargeting Segments

Utilize Klaviyo's Facebook integration tool to retarget customers who opened an email but didn't make a purchase. Sync this segment with Facebook Custom Audiences for better results.

Mother’s Day Content Strategy

a. Offer Gift-Wrapping Services: Since Mother's Day is a gift-giving holiday, consider offering a gift-wrapping service for your products, especially for customers who won't be seeing the recipient in person.

b. Start Early: Begin promoting your Mother's Day deals two weeks before the holiday to give customers ample time to shop and account for potential shipping delays.

c. Coupon Codes and Countdown Timers: Use coupon codes and countdown timers in your email communications to create a sense of urgency for customers to place their orders.

Additional Tips

a. Opt-out of Mother's Day Marketing: Allow customers to opt out of Mother's Day marketing, as this can be a sensitive time for some.

b. Incorporate Giveaways: Run a Mother's Day giveaway to grow your list size and attract new customers.

c. VIP Access via SMS and Loyalty Programs: Offer first access to Mother's Day deals for VIP customers through SMS and loyalty programs.


Maximizing your Mother's Day marketing potential requires a well-planned strategy that targets the right customers, excludes certain segments, and includes engaging content. By leveraging Klaviyo's powerful features and following the tips shared in this post, your ecommerce store will be well-prepared to delight customers and achieve success during the Mother's Day shopping season.

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